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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mryohual 9 / 10

Gracias Pixar

Im Mexican and all i can say is Thanks you Pizax,I just saw this movie and i just remembered all my childhood with my grandparents, Mexico was represented beautifully,the music, the colors. This movie touched me in my soul and i cried a lot, i created an account just to say how good pixar made everything, again gracias pixar por tan hermosa pelicula.

Reviewed by jovanyglez 9 / 10

Best Pixar movie yet

Three words... WOW, what an amazing movie, the story starts getting better and better, such a beautiful story, with so much touching moments, amazing soundtrack, congratulations to pixar, total respect to you guys, Mexico is amazing!!! you learn so much about the Mexican culture, incredible.

Reviewed by Jose Mario Arreguin 9 / 10

Viva Coco! (Despite it's flaws)

Coco (2017) is an animated film co-directed by Lee Unkrich and Adrian Molina. It is a story set in the fictitious Mexican town of Santa Cecilia, where young Miguel (Anthony Gonzalez) embarks on a journey when his passion in life and dreams are called into question by his family. All Miguel wants from this life is emulating the great and famous singer Ernesto de la Cruz (Benjamin Bratt) but his abuela and relatives oppose. Miguel must come to terms with his family and return back home after he disrespects the "dia de los muertos" tradition and a curse falls upon him, trapping him with the dead. He finds help from the deceased Hector (Gael Garcia) and members of his family like Mama Imelda (Alana Ubach) as he finds a way to express his talents and learns family history. At its core Coco is a story about passion, memory and family. Miguel follows a story arch where he must learn self value, bravery and the value of being true to one's self while remaining loyal to family, respecting tradition and remembering one's past in the form of family history. With a reputation for great storytelling, juggernauts Disney and Pixar have found a way to tell a story with such a worn arch with a new and authentic style. A lesson is learned by almost every main character as they grow and develop. Passion is pitted against tradition (and perhaps stubborn customs) and the outcome produces strong emotions on the viewer. At times the story felt carried itself with the drama and flair of a Mexican "Telenovela". These are some rich themes for what may be considered a "kid's film" but they develop organically and are never forced. However the film doesn't lack that slapstick humour or easy and quirky kid's comedy (Especially present in the playfulness of the dead characters' bones). The production team made a respectable effort preparing for the production of this film, and the results were worthwhile and evident. The film is brilliantly set in Mexico, showcasing a wide range of customs and cultural icons that made the film feel authentic. Everything from Mexican cuisine (Like tacos, tamales or "pan de muerto") to celebrities (Like Frida Kahlo, El Santo, Pedro Infante or Cantinflas) make an appearance. Traditional "Mariachi" or "Charro" suits and elaborate woman hairstyles are accurately represented. Mexican family culture is accurately represented from the respect towards our loving, stern and kiss filling abuelas, to that spicy and sassy personality characteristic of Mexican and Latin women. Even the idolization of popular musical icons, similar to Ernesto de la Cruz in the film, resembles the decades old fascination with the likes of actual celebrities like Pedro Infante or Jose Alfredo Jimenez. I authentically felt the story was set in a real, picturesque Mexican pueblo. Every small detail felt in place and that enhanced the story. The film understands and respects the traditions of "dia de los muertos" while giving it a modern twist. Despite the difficulties, and risks, that come with portraying such a rich and complex culture the film makes a much appreciated effort in introducing a side of Mexican culture that is at times neglected in favour of easy-to-go stereotypes.The film felt beautifully animated with intricate finger movements while playing a worn-out guitar or the miniscule pores and imperfections of the bones. Visually gorgeous and impressive the film makes use of a brightly coloured pallet, like with the rich orange used for the "cempazuchitl" flowers or the "papel picado" banners. The music fit perfectly with the tone used for the story and never stopped having a particularly Mexican flavour from the use of the guitar or trumpets to the "marimba". The score continued to set the story appropriately. Coco is carried by memorable fun moments, like Miguel's encounter with exotic Frida Kahlo, and beautiful and emotionally filled ones, such as that of the last act which grounded the story's themes of love for music and family during a scene that is sure to invoke a tear or two. Despite a few moments where it felt that the plot was driven by the oversimplified and unexplained mechanics of the curse, the film in general doesn't stop being the memorable and enjoyable experience of a familiar story executed with fresh and authentic style.

Reviewed by Allan Luna 9 / 10

In one word: Spectacular.

A Pixar's masterpiece, impeccably done in terms of research (about the Mexican culture), animation, script, musicalization, direction and production. A subtle yet charming and inspiring story; with a quality of animation worthy of an Academy Award (I wouldn't be surprised if it was one of the great winners of 2018); with an extremely powerful soundtrack; an excellent script; likable, well-developed and relatable characters; and extremely respectful of the cultural component in which the story is inspired. In short, one of the best landings of Pixar - perhaps repeating a bit its known formula, hence you can feel a "back to basics" in terms of the narrative, history and character development, but at the same time managing to stand out as a fresh and purposeful product that will undoubtedly give a lot to talk about.

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