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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Karen Simonian 9 / 10

Justice Comedy central

Unlike BvS, in this all the characters have their character and personality defined.The Flash is the nicest of all, he is the comic relief all the time. Aquaman is like a rocker, a rebel without a cause who is enjoying "la vida loca" and I want to see him in his solo movie. Cyborg is the most bitter, as it is a marginalized human-machine- alien mix. Batman and Wonder Woman have a good chemistry, and WW is still amazing. This is the Superman that I wanted to see in the cinema. The aspect of the parademons is incredible, they are like a kind of hybrid between vampires and insects and the combats with the protagonists are spectacular. Steppenwolf is horrible, very soft, lacked rudeness and character, in addition the CGI is bad, it seems a badly made video game. The CGI in Themyscira for example is terrible, but the action sequence is impressive. The reshoots are noticeable, like the CGI to remove the mustache to Henry Cavill. The dialogues of the film are not very good. The story is simple and is set for the common viewer to understand, simply "the bad guy wants 3 mother boxes to take down the world." The film fix some holes in BvS. The colors of the film are really high, they are alive and with intensity, totally different from BvS because of what the darkness was criticized. The film is cut, the priority of WB is obvious, and the scissors between the action scenes is visible to the naked eye, in addition many of the scenes of the trailers are not here. The action is good but in the previous films it is better. OST of #DannyElfman is forgettable, you just hear the theme of classic superman of 1978 and Batman of 1989 (And at the beginning when it comes in WW you hear Hans Zimmer's). The previous films were action dramas and the change of tone of this film is action adventure and comedy (they started the change with WW) and take the right path. It is not an epic film but in spite of all the failures I have HOPE in this universe. I liked it very much. PS: the two post-credits scenes are very good.

Reviewed by Raihan A. Ramdhani 9 / 10

I'm Satisfied As A Marvel Fanboy. Utterly Amazing

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Reviewed by Slow Motion Entertainment 9 / 10

The fans love the film critics hate it.

Wooooow! This movie was everything that I could hoped for in a team of superheroes movie. It was fun, intense, exciting, full of action and humor at the same time. And overall one heck of a very entertaining superhero movie. I had lots of fun watching this movie from beginning till end. The start of the movie was already making us intrigued, then slowly the revealing of other superheroes were totally cool. It was very enjoyable to see one by one introduced to us. When Wonder Woman was shown again, my wife was very ecstatic and she immediately was reminded why she loved that movie so much. Then when we were shown The Flash, Aquaman and Cyborg's abilities when they teamed up to fight Steppenwolf, it was amazing. But what was very enjoyable was actually the performance of Ezra Miller as the Flash, who was characterized as very fun, young superhero. He was able to make me less upset for taking over the role which I thought should have gone to Grant Gustin who portrayed as the Flash in the TV series. Lots of the funny moments involved him. Jason Momoa I think suit the role of Aquaman (and I cannot wait to see his solo movie in 2018). While Cyborg was the one character that felt not too much explored (perhaps only my feeling), although he did have brief moment of fun when relating with Barry Allen. The action sequences here were absolutely thrilling, intense and greatly done. There were so many of them that I loss count (not that I was really counting anyway). The solo fights of the superheroes, their brief internal fights and of course the climax scene which was totally awesome but still showed a bit of surprisingly funny moment (be sure not to miss that part). There were not a lot of dramatic moment here but as a movie of superhero team, this one certainly did not disappoint. My wife and I who are fans of comic superheroes, were really satisfied and absolutely thrilled with the whole movie. We even think of possibly watching the movie once again. The special effects and the sound effects were awesome! I am confident that you would get an even better experience watching it in a good quality theaters, especially ones with Dolby Atmos or in IMAX as it was shown in the end credit scene that the movie was specially formatted for IMAX. Talking about the end credit scene, there was 1 fun scene in the middle and another important scene at the very end which would give us excitement of the future movie of DC Extended Universe. I know that some people still could not find the good in the movie, perhaps due to the bias/low expectation, but I totally feel that it would be a shame if this movie was not enjoyed as a fun superhero movie. I honestly hope it would make most people satisfied. I am really recommending this to be seen as soon as you can, so you could discuss the movie with your friends or families.

Reviewed by Igor Neres 9 / 10

Every One Star or Ten Star is a lie, it's a good movie, not terrible, not amazing, good.

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

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